Thursday, July 11, 2013

The big move

Two weeks ago we moved!
It was kind of all of the sudden and I was not 100% sure how I felt about it. We here now and we are really happy. We get to hang out with our nieces every day and we have so much fun with them. I have been jogging with my sister and sister-in-law most nights too.
I officially started at my new center Monday and I'm not going to lie... it has been a bit overwhelming, but it's working out and I'm excited to get everything in order so it can get back to normal. I'm starting to get to know everyone a little and there are a few people that seem really nice.
Kyle starts his new job with the post office on Monday and he is stoked! He has been pretty bored this week with nothing to do so he is ready to get started.
Thank you to everyone who helped with the move, we know it was short notice. We are extremely grateful so many people showed up to help!

We feel like we are starting fresh. It is awesome to be around family and we are SO EXCITED to buy a house! I still think about Liam, I really hope he and J are doing well. But we are not dwelling on what happened because for some reason it was supposed to happen. I hope it brings us closer to the birth mother who places with us. We can't wait to meet that little one some day!