Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our adoption profile

We are in a tough spot with our adoption profile. Since we moved we have to update our home study. Now here is the hard thing... Do we pay to have our home study updated while living with Kyle's awesome sister or do we wait until we find our house? The risk of waiting is that we will have our profile put on hold so no birthmothers would be able to view our info on the website. But if we pay we will have to pay twice in a short time frame for home studies.
For now we have decided to wait on the home study. It kind of breaks my heart because we were able to be so productive before, then we were off the website for 5 months while waiting for Liam, put back on for a little bit, and now we may be taken off again.
But for now they haven't taken us off yet... I hope they forget ;).
For all you Birth Mothers out there, if you are interested in us we will bend over backwards to make sure we can have a child placed with us. We really don't mind paying for a home study if we need to. If we are taken off the agencies website please feel free to contact us through email.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We have lived in Salt Lake for one month! We have done so many fun things since being here

-Ran a 5k and played on a giant slip and slide on the 4th.
-Went to Park City for a night (Thanks Charlene for Kyle's Birthday gift)
-Got to be one of my very best friends escort when she went through the temple.
-Gone to Seven Peaks twice and have plans to go back a lot more. We found a killer deal for the pass of all passes.
-Kyle has been able to spend time with his favorite dog Tobby.
 -Had some awesome evening runs with my sister. One night we ran past a very friendly horse
-Went to a Luau.
-Went to the gardener village farmers market.
-Played a ton with our adorable nieces, that we just love.

We have been having so much fun! We really do miss Logan and all of our friends up there, but it is so nice to be able to see our family whenever we want. We are so grateful for Amber and Josh letting us stay with them while we save for our house. We would never be able to save as much as we want to if we had an apartment.