Thursday, September 5, 2013

House Hunting

We have been house hunting for a few months now. Finding a good house for a good deal can get exhausting!! But we are having so much fun and we absolutely LOVE our realtor Tonya. She is so sweet.
We found a house that we really like. The yard is really nice,  it is located in a cute little cultisac and there is a park just a block away. The backyard has a deck and as an added bonus it has a hot tub! Another awesome perk is that it is completely dog ready.
The owners just found out that the house they will be moving into is going to be ten thousand more than expected and so they are still trying to make sure everything is working out on their end. As soon as they finalize that we can go under contract. We hope we get it, but if not I'm sure there is something else out there for us.
I am having fun thinking of how I will decorate and I'm so excited to get to make something ours! Kyle can't hardly wait to get a home so that he can get a dog. He has been waiting so long to get one.

Life has been moving on. We have been doing a lot of yard work helping out with the parent's yards and a side project. So we have been keeping really busy. We are both liking our new jobs and are adjusting to life in the big city. We adore living with our nieces and getting to see them every day. They brighten even the darkest day with their cute smiles and silly laughter.
I am getting fall fever. Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for everything that comes with it. Boots, soup, sweaters, fall colors, nice temperatures, and the approaching holidays.
Kyle started school last week and is really interested in his psychology class he is taking this semester.

We will keep you all updated on the house hunt!! Wish us luck!