Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas time review

I realized two things the other day. 1- I haven't blogged hardly at all about our fun Christmas season, and 2- I didn't take very many pictures. So This post won't be as exciting as it could be. Here are some of the fun traditions new and old that we have and did.
-Built Gingerbread houses
-Went to the Christmas concert at the conference center
-Saw the lights on Temple Square TWICE!
-Saw the lights at Willard Bay
-Drank a lot of hot chocolate
-Spent the entire Christmas weekend with our families
-Went to Kyle's family's annual Christmas party where. Santa comes every year.
-Went sledding on Christmas day with cousins.

We are always so busy during Christmas, but we do it because we LOVE it!
This year I was secretly hoping that we would have at least heard some good news about a baby or already adopted before Christmas. I pretend to be tough and realistic about adoption and how long it might take, but a girl can dream right??!! I was feeling really sad in the beginning because I didn't want another Christmas without a little one. I received a blessing from family and instantly felt of my Saviors love. The rest of Christmas I was able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I felt the spirit of Christmas... the spirit of the Savior. I hope everyone was touched some how this Christmas season by the spirit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The anonymous gifter

We were babysitting for a friend tonight and we came home to a little present on the door.
It said "Merry Christmas Andrea & Kyle (for your adoption)"
It didn't have who it was from.
We opened the gift to find this adorable blanket and $50.

We cannot express how much this kindness means to us. There are so many people who have contributed to our adoption. There is no way that we could put into words the love and support we have felt from those around us. It makes me want to cry!
To whoever left the gift THANK YOU we feel so loved!! Also I am in love with the turtles!