Friday, September 28, 2012

Surgery #2

Poor Kyle has bad feet. He likes to call them duck paddles, I call them hobbit feet. They are SO flat! He has had a lot of pain from them and finally in January he had surgery to hopefully feel better. Yeah that one was not enough to get rid of the pain so he was sent to another surgeon for total foot reconstruction. With this surgery he can't put any pressure for two months. For anyone who knows Kyle you know that he is a busy body. It is like torture to sit around. So now that he can't work for a couple of months he just hangs out at home after school and studies his brain out. But let me tell you he does not just chill, he is still a busy body. I will come home to the entire house spotless and today he made cookies. He amazes me! 

I also wanted to post some pictures from our fun weekend. We went to the Salt Lake City Farmers Market with my mom.    It was legit! I have never wanted so many veggies in my life (and I LOVE veggies). We wheel chaired Kyle around.

 After the market we went up the canyon to visit the Ewert's while they were camping.
Kyle uses this scooter to get around. 
 Bradley our favorite one year old!! I'm totally in love with this little man!

 Yeah Kyle is kinda a crazy driver.

 Vince using his umbrella shield.

The campground was full IN SEPTEMBER! It is such a warm fall... I'm pretty much in love with this time of year! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


We are approved and online! We are so excited! We have been so busy getting approved that it is a strange feeling to finally be here. We are going to make the best of the "finding" time by staying proactive. First on the list is making pass along cards. We will be sending them to everyone we know so that we can get our info out there. If you would like to have us mail you a pass along card please leave your address in a comment or email it to me at
Also speaking of getting our name out there..... We are more likely to be chosen by a Birth Mother through word of mouth/friend of a friend rather than just leaving it up to our profile online. So if any of you feel comfortable enough to give out our information on your Facebook or on your blog we would really appreciate it. Our profile can be accessed at profile # 27853256.
We are grateful for the help of our family, friends, and even strangers that have helped us out in this process. We have felt your love and support. Thank you!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The best weekend!

Last weekend was awesome. We wanted to have one last fun filled weekend before school really got started for Kyle and this was perfect.
It started out with Kyle's friend Dan's wedding. It was quite the party. His wife's family is from mexico so it was full of traditions that we have never seen. My two favorite parts were when the men had to throw Danny in the air and the awesome Latin dancing in the end. 
Here are the Groomsmen. Best friends in high school and now they are all married!
 Kyle showing off his suspenders.

Saturday we went to Swiss days up in Midway with some of the Ewert clan. We love to go to fairs like this so it was a lot of fun. 
Kyle and Maddie

Sunday was Jaycie's blessing. She is the newest member of our family and we are falling in love with her! I wish I had taken a picture.

Monday we spent the day with my family fishing at Millhollow. It is Kyle's favorite  place to fish because he always has good luck there. It was the perfect temperature and such a relaxing day. We loved it!
 Kyle would live in the mountains if he could.

 Tuesday we were home because Kyle had school, but we decided to have a fire up the canyon for dinner.

We have really enjoyed this summer, but we are both very excited for fall. We are holiday junkies so we can't wait! 

TOU 1/2

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be able to run. When my friend Dara and I started working out together last summer we couldn't even jog a mile... not even a 1/2 mile without stopping to walk. This summer Me, Dara and her sister Krista decided to train for a 1/2 marathon to whip ourselves into shape. I have been amazed at how quickly we trained our bodies to run. It has been the best summer because I have been outside pounding the pavement with Dara!
Here we are before the race (me, Dara, Krista)

Sprinting to the finish!
My hubby, mom and sister came to see my race.
 Kyle has been so supportive of my crazy running schedule.

 I would never have done this without these girls. They are the best training buddies!!

I love running and I can see how people kinda get addicted! I can't wait to train for another.