Friday, October 25, 2013


My mom bought this cute journal for me a couple of weeks back.

I decided last week that I would write at least one thing that I am grateful for in it every day. It has really made me look for the good in life proactively. I love trying to find things that make me happy and living the "Glass half full" life.
Ever since our failed adoption placement I have had ups and downs dealing with my grief, but I want to be able to live life to the fullest and be happy with any situation I am in.

Today I am grateful for...
My Husband who makes me feel like I am important and loved.
My adorable Nieces who I will miss terribly when we move.
Fall weather.

House update

House hunting update.
The last post about a house hunting was about a different house. It didn't work out with the sellers,  but we are ok with that because it made us start looking in Tooele where we found our home!
It is a cute rambler in a newer neighborhood just a block away from a great park. It is beautiful inside. We love the open floorplan. There are three bedrooms upstairs and when the basement is finished we will have five.
At first we did not want to buy in Tooele because of the commute,  but then we took a test drive to see how long it takes. It was only ten or fifteen minutes longer so we decided to start looking there.
As you know we recently moved from Logan, a small country like town. We loved everything about it. Especially the access to the great outdoors. We were able to go hike and run up the canyon all the time. Once we moved back to Salt Lake we realized how lucky we were and we missed it so much.
Tooele has the same kind of vibe as Logan. It is a small town with a canyon with fishing and hiking and fourwheeling super close. I'm so excited to explore the running trails and roads around our house.
Due to getting a rural housing loan it takes a very long time to close on the house. We were planning for November 15th,  but then the Government shutdown spoiled our plans. Now we are just hoping for the first part of December. We are so excited to have our first Christmas in our very own HOME! We are just hoping everything works out and that we don't have any surprises.

Falling for Fall!

I was so ready for fall when it came. Fall is my favorite season and I was ready for a change. We have been trying to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and leaves as much as possible.

We have been walking a few times at memorial grove. We love that there is a little off leash dog trail for Toby. The trails there are great for running and so beautiful!
 Kyle and I decided to try out Rose Canyon. It is super isolated and quiet. We spent the afternoon walking up the little dirt road.
We are excited for Halloween and plan on dressing up... we are kinda nerdy haha! I am going to be a scout and Kyle will be an old man. Pictures to come :)