Sunday, November 25, 2012

Favorite time of year


We love Christmas time! I'm so glad that Kyle loves it as much as I do. We just decorated our home and it never feels as homey as it does when we have our decorations out. We also got to see my sister sing in a Christmas concert at Temple Square last night so we walked around looking at the lights too. We are excited to start the Holiday season!


Around Thanksgiving we are so much more aware of the things that we are grateful for. Here is a little list of some grateful thoughts recently.
Oppourtunity to adopt
The Atonement
A nice home
The holidays
A strong marriage
School to gain knowledge
Two vehicles
Eggnog season
Steady jobs
Two working feet to walk on
The great neighbors we have
Good wholesome entertainment
The gospel of Jesus Christ
Christmas tree
Ice cream
Service and how it blesses us
Toby (our dog that lives with the parents)
Love received from others
Comfy bed

Some of these are silly and some very serious, but we are so grateful for the amazing life we have. We are surrounded by loving family and friends who do so much for us. We are also grateful for our future Birth Mother. We hope that she finds peace in her decision to place her baby. We don't even know who she is, but we know she is out there and we love her already.
Hope you all had an amazing Holiday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A walking man!

Kyle can walk again!! He is so excited to get working again. He is going back within a week or two. He is pretty sore, but the Dr said that he will be for a while. The Dr also said that the foot looks great and is healing very well. Kyle is determined to run at least a half marathon this coming year.

Kyle is such an amazing man. His surgery did not stop him from serving others around him. Every Saturday morning he serves in the temple and then he goes again with me another day of the week. He kept our house spotless and did work around our apartments. He also has had his best semester yet at school. He is so positive and great to be around. Seeing him is my favorite part of the day.
Love you Kyle!

Birthday fun

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was awesome!
Kyle knows that I like making Birthdays a big deal so he always makes it a fun day for me (and I do the same for him). His present to me was money to go shopping... my favorite! So I got to pick out some new clothes. He invited family up for dinner at the restaurant of my choice and then we came home for cake and ice cream. It was nice of everyone to drive up, we had a good time. Then Kyle and I went to see wreck-it Ralph (we have been  like little kids waiting for this movie to come out ever since we saw the trailer) It was really funny!

Yesterday I was thinking about how excited I am for my children's Birthdays. I can't wait, I know for sure that they will be huge in our family! I love having little traditions. Pinterest has so many fun ideas for parties and surprises that I want to try out. Birthday's are the best!

Monday, November 12, 2012


I have been trying to figure out what colors to do the nursery in considering we don't know what gender our future little one will be. My mom, Kyle and I went fabric shopping to see what we could find and we finally decided. We picked out some fabric and started sewing (my mom is quite the seamstress and I am not haha, so she taught me how and we sewed together). The picture above is not the completed blanket,  but you get the idea. I'm excited to start buying things for the room now that I have colors picked out! 
We are making an identical quilt to give as a gift to our birth mother on placement day. I hope she likes it. I just wanted them to have something that they can both have and share to remember each other. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I haven't blogged in a while and I thought I would just put all the pictures from what we did in October. We had a very fun month. 
Earlier in the month Kyle's grandpa passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. Kyle loves and respects him very much. Even though it was sad to say goodbye for now, the funeral was like a big reunion for the family. Kyle's cousins are awesome and it was great to spend time with them.
Here is Kyle with his siblings.
 Here is most of the cousins that were there. Kyle just loves them!

 The Saturday before Halloween we had a little Ewert party. It was fun to see all the little ones in their costumes. 
This is Kyle and our brother-in-law Josh wearing the leftover piniata.
 Me loving on Jaycie. We are so in love with this little one!

I always make sugar cookies for Halloween so We carved pumpkins and made cookies for FHE.

 On Halloween we had a fun party with our friends Dara and Brian. I wish we had gotten pictures of them. Here are our costumes.
Me a basketball star.

 Kyle Jack Sparrow.

We are getting way excited for the upcoming holidays. We love this time of year!!