Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday fun

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was awesome!
Kyle knows that I like making Birthdays a big deal so he always makes it a fun day for me (and I do the same for him). His present to me was money to go shopping... my favorite! So I got to pick out some new clothes. He invited family up for dinner at the restaurant of my choice and then we came home for cake and ice cream. It was nice of everyone to drive up, we had a good time. Then Kyle and I went to see wreck-it Ralph (we have been  like little kids waiting for this movie to come out ever since we saw the trailer) It was really funny!

Yesterday I was thinking about how excited I am for my children's Birthdays. I can't wait, I know for sure that they will be huge in our family! I love having little traditions. Pinterest has so many fun ideas for parties and surprises that I want to try out. Birthday's are the best!

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