Friday, September 28, 2012

Surgery #2

Poor Kyle has bad feet. He likes to call them duck paddles, I call them hobbit feet. They are SO flat! He has had a lot of pain from them and finally in January he had surgery to hopefully feel better. Yeah that one was not enough to get rid of the pain so he was sent to another surgeon for total foot reconstruction. With this surgery he can't put any pressure for two months. For anyone who knows Kyle you know that he is a busy body. It is like torture to sit around. So now that he can't work for a couple of months he just hangs out at home after school and studies his brain out. But let me tell you he does not just chill, he is still a busy body. I will come home to the entire house spotless and today he made cookies. He amazes me! 

I also wanted to post some pictures from our fun weekend. We went to the Salt Lake City Farmers Market with my mom.    It was legit! I have never wanted so many veggies in my life (and I LOVE veggies). We wheel chaired Kyle around.

 After the market we went up the canyon to visit the Ewert's while they were camping.
Kyle uses this scooter to get around. 
 Bradley our favorite one year old!! I'm totally in love with this little man!

 Yeah Kyle is kinda a crazy driver.

 Vince using his umbrella shield.

The campground was full IN SEPTEMBER! It is such a warm fall... I'm pretty much in love with this time of year! 

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  1. hope you get better, let me knwo if you need anything!! also you two are so cute!!