Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ewert-isms: The Arts

Ewert-ism #2: Kyle and I love art and music! 
Kyle is quite the artist, he draws very often. It is his way of relaxing. I love showing off his art to people when they come by. He loves animals (another post to come about that) so a lot of his drawings include animals. We love going to museums and art shows together. I am not good at art at all, but I appreciate other's awesome talent!
Kyle and I both love music as well! We are constantly listening to music around the house and in the car. We love going to concerts of all different types of music. Sometimes I laugh because I will get in the car after Kyle and he will be listening to country one day and 80's rock the next. I love that he loves it all. I play the viola and have sung all my life and Kyle learned the piano when he was young and is now going to learn the guitar. When I play in orchestra Kyle is always my biggest fan and invites everyone to come! 
I love that we share that interest and have fun checking out the awesome arts around us!

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