Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adoptive Couples Retreat 2012: Finding, not waiting!

As soon as we decided to adopt I became obsessed with all things ADOPTION! So naturally I have been looking for any way to become involved with the adoption community. A friend of a friend invited Kyle and I to the Adoptive couples retreat hosted by birth mothers 4 adoption. It was super late notice so Kyle wasn't able to get the day off so I invited my mom to come along. It was great and pretty informative.
 I learned a lot about open adoption, many birth mom's and adoptive parents talked about their experiences with open adoption. I'm not going to lie... open adoption just sounded so scary before I knew much about it. My opinion now is that if everyone is in the right state of mind it can be a beautiful thing that adds love and understanding for the child and everyone involved. After talking to Kyle about what I learned open adoption has become a definite option for us!
This adoptive couple that founded The R House spoke about their experiences. Mrs. R said something that I LOVE. She said that we need to be proactive about adoption. "We are FINDING, not waiting." I seriously needed this because the hardest thing about adoption for me is the wait... how long will our wait be? We are not going to wait around, we are going to FIND our child!!!! She gave some great ideas about how to get your name out there and we are super excited to get things going!
The more I learn the more I love adoption and what it can bring into our lives!


  1. Andrea,

    We wanted to attend the retreat again this year, but due to sickness, we weren't able to make it. We agree that it is about FINDING and not WAITING. We found our birthmom through our pass along cards. We are now the proud parents of a wonderful 8 month old baby boy. Feel free to check out our blogs: or And we are always willing to provide any help.

    Good luck in your FINDING!

    James & Heather

  2. I am so glad you came! Please let us know if we can help you.


  3. I wish I could have gone to the retreat but it was a busy weekend for me. I am a birth mother of 2 and I love sharing my story of open adoption. If it wasn't for my open adoption with my first the family would not have known I was pregnant again and looking to place. So now they have both my birth children. We have such a great relationship I feel like part of the family. Good luck and god speed in finding your baby. It's amazing how God works and brings that baby to the right family!

  4. Open adoption can be scary and intimidating at first. This is how I personally feel an open adoption can be handled. This has worked for me and many other adoptive couples.

  5. If we can help in anyway Andrea let us know :) I have 3 cousins that have adopted that may have tips for you or if you have any questions. Love you and you too look so great together

  6. Andrea I think it is great that you are trying to adopt! I actually know Heather and James who commented and their baby is SUPER cute! The Lord will provide for you!