Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sorry for the delay in posting our Easter festivities, but here it is!
We were excited to be able to spend time with ALL of our families on Easter Sunday. We spent most of the weekend with Kyle's mom Charlene. We threw a shower for Amanda's baby boy, coming later this month, on Saturday and then went to a dollar movie with Charlene that night. We slept over and went to church with her that morning. It was a lot of fun visiting with her! We took some pictures that morning before walking to church.

We then went to Kyle's Dad(Dan) and Step-mom (Karen)'s house were we had the annual Easter egg hunt with everyone. We started this hunt before there were grand-kids involved. We all put in some money and we go hunting for eggs. It's fun to see who comes out on top in the end! Now that there are some grand-kids too there is a little hunt for them too. It is always a ton of fun! Most of these pictures are of our nieces and nephew... are they not the cutest kids ever???!!!

After we went over to my Grandma's to visit with my family for a while before we drove home. I love that my mom's family still gathers everyone together for holidays. We love seeing our cousins and aunt and uncles too! I feel bad because I meant to take pictures of us there, but the only one I have is of me and my cousin Melissa comparing hair color so here you go!

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