Tuesday, July 3, 2012



(Kyle enjoying delicious dutch oven peach-berry cobbler)

It has become a tradition that we go camping the week of Kyle's birthday. We invite everyone and whoever can come comes. This year he chose a campground up left hand fork canyon. 

Kyle getting ready to fish on the first morning. As you can tell he is super excited.

 Fixing a breakfast fit for a Birthday Man.
 My Dad enjoying the relaxation. We were so glad that my family came, we had a lot of fun with them!

 The campground was so beautiful. It reminded us of the Sacred Grove.
 Our site was right next to the river so we enjoyed cooling off.
 Mother looking lovely!
 We played jenga for the first time in years and I caught this picture of it tumbling.
 Having fun with my sister

I had to go for a run for my training and I took Toby. He was so tired after haha.

 Dan joined us for a day to hike and fish. We are so glad he came!

We really had a great time. We had fun and relaxed a lot which was so needed. We both felt like we could have stayed for another week (although there is nothing like a good shower after camping!).

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