Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Holiday Review.

We had the best time over the Holidays! The very best was that it was the first in out very own home! We decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always watch a cheesy Christmas movie while doing it. This year we watched Home Alone (One of Kyle's personal favorites). Our decorations that normally filled our apartment to the brim looked like so much less in a bigger space, but it did turn out cute!
We always make a point to go to temple square some time during the season.
It was extremely cold and busy the night we went, but the lights never disappoint. They were beautiful as always! We stopped at the JMMB to get some hot cocoa to warm up.

We decided to have a little gingerbread making dinner party with the Ewerts. It turned out so fun! The kids loved it and went to town making theirs.

We went to family parties and really enjoyed seeing everyone so much! We always play a white elephant game and Josh won the best gift!!
We decided for the first year that we would stay home on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to make things a little more low key for us. It was so nice to have relaxing time! We had my family over for dinner Christmas eve and ate clam chowder (a Middaugh Christmas Eve tradition) and watched some classic Christmas movies. It was a great night.
Christmas day we made the rounds to the families after opening gifts. It was especially nice to see Amanda and Megan and talk to Ryan, Kyle's siblings that live far away! We have missed seeing them as often.
New Years Eve was really fun for us this year. Normally we don't do much, but this year we invited one of our best friends from Logan to spend the evening with us. Kat and Alex are some of the best friends we have ever had. Alex unfortunately is out on tour in Afghanistan so we missed him! In honor of Kat coming to town we made big plans! We first went to a Brazilian restaurant in City Creek. It was literally the best meat we have EVER tasted. MMM. It was fun to feel fancy for a night! 
After dinner we went to the celebration EVE that Salt Lake City throws every year. It was fun checking out everything that it had to offer. We played on blow up bounce houses, played dodge ball in a giant ballroom full of beach balls, listened to some Japanese drummers, drew on a neon graffiti wall, listened to some bands we have never heard, and saw some crazy fire dancers.
We counted down dancing to music and 2014 came with fireworks and a kiss from my favorite person. I couldn't help but get sentimental while watching the fireworks. 2013 was the craziest year of our life's and I can't help but be glad to see it go. I have a suspicion that 2014 is going to be a great year. I can feel it.


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