Monday, February 27, 2012


There are moments when It really hits me how awesome my family is. Yesterday Kyle and I spent the entire day with family (we usually do on Sundays). It was so fun talking, laughing, and playing games with everyone. In Kyle's family it is rare to have a get together without playing games and I love it! Some of our favorite games are ticket to ride, boggle, apples to apples and last night we had fun playing balderdash. It was so fun!
After game night Kyle and I had to drive about an hour to get home. I love car rides like this with Kyle. We always listen to different music and jam out or have long fun or serious talks. Last night was the jamming out kind of ride, we listened to a super old NOW CD and sang along to all of the songs. Kyle is a goof and I love his silly sense of humor. Life is awesome!

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