Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In light of the Valentine's Holiday I have been thinking a lot about traditions. I love going overboard for holidays... even the cheesy ones. There are a couple of traditions I love for Valentines day.
1. Pink heart pancakes!

2. Date night with the Hubby! (this year we celebrated a night early because of work schedules.)

We had fun last night with dinner and a movie!

3. Incredibly cheesy lovey gifts! I gave Kyle the 12 days of Valentines this year. Each day he was given a small gift that had a saying that went with it (example: Reeses Pieces- I love you to pieces). He got pretty excited for his gift each day. Kyle gave me a new end table, which I LOVE. 

I love thinking about what new traditions we can start when we have a child! Decorating heart sugar cookies, making valentines for friends, scavenger hunts for little gifts and much more. I can't wait!


  1. Sound like you have alot of fun. Have Valentines.

  2. cute ideas! I was a lame mommy this year. Next year, next year... :) Miss you guys!