Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Sunday Liam will be one month old. Time has gone by so fast and we have filled it with things to keep us busy, but sometimes time stops and I remember how heart broken I really am. We don't even know what his name is, but to us he is Liam. We named him Liam.
We are moving so we had to pack the nursery up . We took down the crib, packed a box full of clothes and cute decorations, and diapers. A lot of people said it would be better if we got it all out of sight, but for some reason it makes it worse for me. The fact that I don't know when I will be able to unpack those things makes me so sad. They were supposed to be used, not stored. But we will be putting it all in a storage unit on Saturday for who knows how long.
But we are really excited to buy a house so I am going to focus on that. It will be really great to have something that we can take care of and make our own.
A friend of mine made me realize how many life changes we are going through right now.
Thought we were going to be parents- we all know how that changed
changing jobs- I'm only changing centers, but Kyle has a completely new job
Changing cities
changing wards
going from living on our own to temporarily living with family (just until we find a house)

It is interesting how life moves on. We are excited to see what is coming next for us. Hopefully a baby will be coming soon :)

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