Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jaycie... the real reason we decided to move.

The first time we thought of moving back closer to our family was at our nephew's baby blessing. We were all at the luncheon eating and I was holding my niece Jaycie. She was not happy that she was being held by someone she did not really know and she was fussing. I was instantly upset because I realized this is probably how my children would react to their aunts and uncles and maybe even grandparents because we lived so far away. I hated that my niece didn't know me. It bugged me so much especially because we were preparing for an adoption at the time. I want our kids to know how much our family loves them and get to spend a lot of time with their fun cousins.
That night Kyle and I decided it was the right time to get ready to move back to the Salt Lake area. It is crazy how right it felt in an instant. We planned on moving while I was on Maternity leave from work during the summer after the adoption. When things fell through we still knew it was the right thing to move so we started preparing and looking for work. It all came together so quickly and suddenly we were moving. A lot of people may have thought we moved for a fresh start or as an emotional response to the adoption, but that isn't true at all. We may have never started thinking of moving back without the adoption, but we knew it was right to move and just kept with the plan.
Amber and Josh (parent's to the adorable Jaycie mentioned before) let us move in with them while we figured out what was next. We cannot ever express how grateful we are for their love and support during this time. They saw the good, bad and ugly from us during those few months. We were and frankly still are working to mend our broken hearts. Their family helped us heal and continue living and learn to have fun and laugh again. Their girls are the sweetest little people I have known and I would never give up the time I got to spend getting to know their cute little personalities! There were so many days that I would wake up sad and one of them would walk into my room and give me a hug and my day was instantly better.
I can now officially say that Jaycie knows me really well and even loves me. She knows that I am a sucker for a love and will give her anything if she looks at me with her cheesy grin. Here is a picture of us with all our nieces. Jaycie is the youngest with the silly face.
I will never know why we go through different trails, but one thing is for sure. Things happen for a reason and if that reason is that we needed to move down closer to family to get to know these girls better and to find a house then I might be ok with that. Love you!!

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