Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adoptive Parent Classes.

We have been attending Adoptive Couple Classes through our agency taught by members of the local FSA (families supporting adoption) chapter. The Couple Mic and Nicole have been great and I love their positive attitude they bring to class even though their story has had lots of bumps along the way.
In our first class we went over the general process of adoption. Applying, waiting/finding, possible failed placement, placement and finalization. This class could have been really overwhelming, but it really wasn't. I feel like I have done my homework pretty well and I'm surprised at what I already know. Of coarse there was a lot that we learned and it was super beneficial.
The second class was all about infertility. I feel lucky that I have been able to be pretty open up to this point about our infertility so telling our story wasn't too hard. What it mainly comes down to for us is that we are missing something and we want to grow our family so much. We love that adoption can help us achieve this. The class was awesome, everyone's stories had a little heartbreak and we all understood each other so much. There were some stories that made us all laugh so hard. We talked about all the crazy comments we have received and all the weird things that we have tried because maybe, just maybe it might work. haha. I just feel so much love for all the couples in our class already. We are rooting for them!
The third class was today. It was a panel. There was one birth mother and two adoptive couples. I love hearing from birth mothers. I know that every one is different, but they are all so selfless. They are so strong to be able to put what they want aside and do what is needed for these babies. I seriously do not know how to express my admiration for our birth mother already. I love her and I don't even know her yet. We pray for her every night.  One couple that was there talked about open adoption and I was glad our parents could be there to hear it. Kyle and I have decided that open adoption is definitely an option for us and I wanted our families to be educated about what may be in our future. The last person to speak was a woman with two trans-racial adoptions. Kyle and I have chosen to  have no race restrictions and I was excited to hear about her experiences. She and her husband are white and her two adopted sons are black. Her family is so beautiful! I'm excited to see what is in store for us! Overall the class was very educating and I love hearing more stories and learning more!
We were so glad that our parents came for the class! I forgot to get a picture of Charlene, but she was there too!

Our last class is Tuesday. Kyle said today that he doesn't want them to end and I totally feel the same way! I'm glad we can start getting involved with our local FSA group so we can continue to learn from other families and spend time with others who have adoption in their life.

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