Thursday, May 10, 2012


As soon as we decided to adopt we started feeling this intense sense of urgency about the process. First it was "how do we earn the money?". We have been so blessed! Through our yard sale and other miracles I feel like Heavenly Father practically handed us the money. I cry every time I think about how many people have been willing to chip in and help us out. There are so many good people around us.
Now we are in the middle of the paperwork and I still feel that urgency. I have had so many dreams about adoption. There was one night that I didn't sleep a full hour because I kept having dreams that woke me up. I remember laying in bed practically shaking because of how they made me feel. It is a little weird to me that none of my worrying is from being scared about actually adopting, it is because I feel like we may miss an opportunity from not moving fast enough. I'm a little obsessed to say the least. Kyle has been the calming force for me. He too feels the urgency, but helps me realize that we are moving at a good pace.
I want you all to know that I am not assuming that because we feel this way we think we will get placed quickly (can we hope... yes) we know that realistically we could be waiting for years. If that happens then I guess I will just learn a little more patients, and that is okay.

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