Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Post: Melissa

Kyle's cousin Melissa asked me if she could do a guest post and I loved the idea. We babysat for them for a week last month and it was a lot of fun! Thanks for the opportunity Melissa!

A Testimonial

I am Kyle’s cousin. Recently, my husband and I went on vacation for two weeks. Kyle and Andrea watched my kids for several days during that time. My husband’s parents and one of our older nieces also took turns taking caring of my children.

All three of my children, ages 5, 7, and 9, separately told me that they liked having Kyle and Andrea the best. They played with my kids, apparently much more than the other caretakers did, even when there were three adults here part of the time. They took them to all their activities and appointments. They made sure that the meals were taken care of. All three children said that they had the best food when Kyle and Andrea were in charge of cooking it. My daughter also said that Andrea could fix her hair the best. They all said that if we ever go away again that they really want Kyle and Andrea to be the ones to watch them.

Please bear in mind that my children love the other caretakers a lot, and they said that they had a pretty good time with them as well. Also, one of my children has severe separation anxiety, and another has mild separation anxiety, so for that child to keep talking about how much fun he had with adults other than his parents (for an extended period of time anyway)  is a pretty big deal. Also, Kyle and Andrea are not used to our children or our home or our busy schedule, so for them to just jump in and do so well with everything is pretty amazing!

So that is my little testimonial that Kyle and Andrea would be really great parents. They have so many good qualities, and I have so much love and respect for them.

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