Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer is here!

Today is an awesome day!
Kyle finished his last final this morning and he is FREE for the rest of the summer!!
I Thought it would be fun to celebrate with a surprise so I packed a lunch before he got home so we could go on a picnic! I also got him his yearly fishing licence so he can start having some fun! 

(Us at the park)

 We went on a walk right after our picnic and saw this beautiful tree... isn't it gorgeous?

 I don't have to work till later and I have been wanting a little garden this year so I planted a few flowers! There were several pots hanging around our apartment that no one uses so I was able to use them. I'm excited to see how they will grow, I hope they end up as pretty as my mom's pots.
We will be planting tomatoes in a barrel as well this year but that won't  be for a week or two.

We are so excited for summer! We will finally have time to kick some paperwork butt and get approved!

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