Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about Birthmothers lately. I know I can't ever say I know what they are going through, but I feel so much emotion for them. I don't know how to get my feelings into words. All I know is that whenever a Birthmother looks into placing with us I want her to know that I want what is best for her and her baby. If we aren't what she needs, I understand. I want her to feel confident about her decision of placing and in who she is placing with. She can ask us any question and we will answer honestly because we want her to know who we are so she can make an educated decision.
Here is our letter to a Birthmother that is on our profile. I realized that I have never posted it on the blog. It took us a while to write because we wanted it to really show how we feel.

Dear Friend,

We are so excited that you stopped to take a look at our profile. We look forward to us getting to know each other! We can not comprehend what you must be going through at this time in your life, but we admire you for considering adoption. We know that it is because of your selflessness and love for this child that you are here. We hope that you can be guided in the difficult decision you are faced with and we admire your courage and love in making efforts to give your child the best possible future.

Our Story
We have been married over four years now and we are so in love. We are best friends and do everything together. We are very active and love being outside. Activities we enjoy are camping, hiking, biking, game nights, going to movies, vacationing, spending time with family and friends and so much more. Our home is filled with love and laughter every day and we can’t wait for the happiness that a little one will add. We are excited that we get to grow our family through adoption.

About Kyle - by Andrea
Kyle is my favorite person on this earth! He is the most loving person I have ever known. He is always finding ways to serve others and make people feel good about themselves. He is so accepting of every one and doesn’t judge people by their looks, history, or situation. Kyle is a kid at heart and is at home when he is playing with children. I know he will be such a good dad. He is such a hard worker, he is a student at Utah State University studying Wildlife Science and works as well! As you can tell from his major he loves animals and nature. Some of his goals are to start a dog training business and to compete in a triathlon. A few of Kyle’s hobbies are fishing, drawing, and exercising. He loves basketball and is a huge Jazz fan (regardless of how bad they are). There is no way for me to fit in this letter how truly amazing Kyle is, but I can say that he is the most supportive husband and will be such a loving and fun father to a lucky child some day.

About Andrea - by Kyle
I can not live without Andrea. She finds the best in me and others as well. She forgives and forgets when someone may have offended her or hurt her. When Andrea wants to do something or feels good about something she is very determined and dedicated to get it done. For example she loves music and has been involved in it ever since she was a child. She plays the Viola and plays very well because of her determination to do well. She is the most supportive and kind person a husband could ask for. She loves children and is so great to all of our nieces and nephews, and knows how to discipline in such a loving and caring way. Andrea has always put others before herself, she is full of service towards others and loves to do it. It is one of those things that make her happy and bright eyed. One of the things I love most about her besides her kindness and love is that she is down to earth and willing to try anything new. She loves the outdoors, and loves supporting me in my goals.

We are very excited that we get to adopt. We can’t believe how lucky we are, that we get to share this experience. We would love to have an open adoption. We want our children to know and love their birth family. We can’t wait to get to know you and your family and we hope that we can become friends in this journey together! Thanks for reading about us and please contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Kyle and Andrea

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  1. i love all your posts!!! I'm so proud of you two, and it's so cute to read what you wrote about each other. I love my bfs and can't wait for you to be parents. you are amazing.