Monday, January 21, 2013



-Loving his wildlife classes at school
-Becoming a workout fanatic
-Lover of all ice cream (especially superman)
-So ready for this icy cold winter to end
-Insists that he still enjoys winter camping (Andrea still insisting that she won't ever go in the winter)

-Loves wearing scarfs lately
-scared to train for another half marathon (but doing it anyway)
-Craving a fireplace and a good book these days
-Love's meticulous meal planning
-Currently trying to grow her hair out

Last night we went to our regular 3rd Sunday dinner at Kyle's Dad's house and had such a good time. We miss our nieces and nephews all the time and so we love playing with them. Bradley (1 1/2) has learned our names and it is so fun to hear him greet us! Karen (Kyle's Step mom) always gets a lot of the basic things for every couples first child and she decided to get ours now just in case we have a rushed situation. She had it there at dinner and we are so excited about everything. She got us a diaper Jeanie, boppy, diapers, onsies, a newborn outfit for a boy and a girl, bottles, and a bunch of random must haves for when baby comes! When we took everything home we put it in the baby's closet and noticed that we are getting quite the collection. It made us realize that we should write a list of everything that we have and what we still need. We are also going to stock up on diapers and wipes so we don't have to later. We are SO EXCITED for the day to come that we get to use everything!

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