Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sympathy Symptoms

(Written Jan 31) It has been almost a week since we heard the awesome news from J and we have been on cloud nine!!

I'm pretty sure I have some sympathy pregnancy symptoms going on over here.
Nesting: We bought a crib and set it up, ever since that night I have spent all my free time organizing our apartment. It started with our closet and it hasn't stopped. I didn't realize how strange it was until tonight. I thought... when do I ever organize and clean for the fun of it, NEVER! (for Kyle it is a normal thing, but not me.) So yeah total nestage happening people.
Pregnancy brain: I know this sounds weird, but I'm kinda useless. Especially at work. I find myself getting so distracted and forgetting everything. Tonight I forgot where I parked at the gym. Am I a spaz most of the time? YES, but this is extreme people!
I was talking to my friend about it and she thinks that my hormones are kicking in because I know it is coming soon. I kinda love that I am experiencing this because I have to miss out on other prenatal things about our little one. At least I can connect with her/him somehow.

We find out the gender of the little one on February 12!! Can't wait. Amber my sister in law is rooting for a girl for Jaycie to have a bestie and I love it. We are not partial either way. I keep imagining how cute a little boy would be and for some reason we keep accidentally referring to it as a he on accident. But then I think of little girls and how fun that would be! Seriously split! Either way a healthy baby is all we care, we are so in love with this little one already!

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