Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a year!!

2012 was a wild ride! We had a lot of awesome moments that I will never forget.
-February 8th we decided to adopt.
-March we had our adoption fundraiser that was a HUGE success! 
-April 6th we met with Sara our case worker and the paperwork began and celebrated our 4th year anniversary. 
-May 4th our summer began,we attended the adoption classes and met some awesome people and learned a lot!
-June I started training for my half marathon and we went on a fun and relaxing Birthday camping trip for Kyle.
-July we had our final adoption interview after finally finishing our paperwork and spent every moment possible outside
-August 11 attended the FSA regional conference with my mom.
-September ran my first ever race, enjoyed more outdoor time, Kyle had surgery #2 on his foot.
-September 16 got the official stamp of approval to adopt.
-October had fun Halloween parties, made pass a long cards.
-November the holidays began, my mom and I made our future baby's quilt for the nursery, celebrated the life of Kyle's Grandfather, Kyle started walking again.
-December had two different birth mom's interested in us and didn't hear back from either, spent a lot of time with our awesome families, spoiled each other for Christmas again, and got our very first presents for our future baby.

This year sure has been a roller coaster for us, but I love what I have learned over the year. I am so excited to see what the new year will bring! Let's all pray for an adoption to be part of it!!

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