Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeling the JOY!

(Written Feb 1st) We are very open people. Sometimes too open... we tend to over share. So have we told every person we have come in contact with about J choosing us?? YES! Most people are so excited, some cry tears of happiness for us, and some look cautious. We feel so good about everything that has happened and we want to be able to share our joy just like anyone else would about a future child on the way. We understand that some of you are worried for us, in fact we worry too. Nothing is final until after placement and so many things could happen in that timeframe. We get that and understand how serious that is. Our thought is... is there anything in life that is really guaranteed? No! We can't waste our time living in fear of possibilities.

For now we are feeling the pure joy of what this moment is!

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