Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a boy!

We are so lucky that we have such an awesome Birthmom! She let us come for her ultrasound today. It was quite the run around getting there because the first hospital couldn't take her appointment so we had to go to another hospital in the area that could get us in (long story). The ultrasound ended up being the 20 week super in depth one so it was awesome to see that. We found out that it is a BOY... we weren't surprised, for some reason we have been referring to the little one as "Him" for a while now. He is healthy and right on track for his June 6th due date. The 4D ultrasound is so cool and we got an awesome picture of his face, what a cutie! After the appointment we went shopping for a little outfit with J and had so much fun with her.

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