Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Our profile can't be accessed on the website anymore!! This is the official "You have been chosen by a Birthmother" moment! :)
Although J was set on us since January she hadn't been working with our agency and so it took a while to get that process going.

Lately it has been a little crazy around here! 
-We are getting everything ready for the little one to arrive.
-Our little nephew Camden was born 7weeks early! The poor little guy has been in the NICU for three weeks now and they aren't sure when he will be able to go home. Kyle got to go visit him, but I haven't yet. We are in love with him already!
-I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a paper chain with the amount of weeks left in J's pregnancy (tomorrow makes 14 weeks left!)
-Kyle is so loaded with schoolwork this semester. The poor guy has been doing homework from  sun-up to sun-down.
-I got sick for a solid THREE weeks and the DR. said it was probably Mono. BOO! I have been trying to start running again and I feel like a blob of tiredness.
-It snowed again last week and we are getting so sick of winter. Usually we love snow, but we were all sorts of annoyed. Thinking SPRING!
-February is the busiest month of the year for me at work and it takes all of my will power to concentrate when I am there these days. My boss keeps saying that I am having adoption symptoms just like a pregnant woman.
-I have bought a few clothes and things for the little man and I am had to slow myself down! I have 14 weeks to go and I know I am having at least one shower before he comes so I don't want to over do it. (My favorite outfit is this little flannel shirt and jeans, I can't get over it)
-Kyle works at the zoo and they have noticed what a hard worker he is so they are giving him a lot more hrs. He is hoping that at some point he will go full-time with them. He loves working there.
-February went by so fast... I hope that March, April, and May will!

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